Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to supply my own artwork?

No. We have a full design studio that will help you create a tie that is unique for your specific requirements.

Can you work my design?

Certainly. Our skilled design team will help you modify your design to ensure that your concept translates into the best possible tie design.

What are the steps involved in producing my tie?

There are four separate steps involved in the production of ties:

  • Artwork − this process involves the conceptualization and designing of your tie. We can produce it for you according to your brief, or we can use your existing design. We require your formal approval of the artwork before we can proceed any further in the production process.
  • Pre-producing Sample − this process converts the two dimensional artwork of the tie into a piece of woven fabric. Once it is woven, the fabric is then cut and sewn into a tie. All new designs require approval of the pre-production sample prior to bulk production.
  • Bulk Weaving − using state of the art, electronic weaving the looms, the fabric for your ties is now woven.
  • CMT − the cut, make and trim process is the final step in the production of your ties. Using specialized sewing processes each tie is hand finished before being inspected and packed.

How long does it take?

All lead times are approximate and subject to change.

  • Artwork 3-4 days.
  • Samples 10-14 days.
  • Bulk production 3-4 weeks.

Help. My client requires a shorter lead-time. What do I do?

Give us a call. We offer a 14 day lead time express service at a 25% price premium. Certain conditions do apply.

What yarns do you use to make the ties?

We manufacture all our ties with super fine polyester yarns. We also import silk woven ties.

Silk or Polyester?

  • Silk is a natural product produce from the cocoons of silk worms. Polyester is the ma-made equivalent of silk.
  • Being a natural product, silk is fragile and weak. Polyester has been developed to give the look and feel of silk with the added advantage of durability.
  • For corporate wear, silk is completely unsuitable. Silk ties and scarves require very careful handing to ensure that they retain their original looks. Polyester, on the other hand, is hardwearing and perfectly suited to the rigours of daily use.

What are the costs involved?

  • All jobs are quoted on a per unit basis excluding VAT.
  • There is a small charge for producing original artwork.
  • We require a deposit prior to producing a sample. This amount will be credited to your account if approval is received within 30 days of delivery of sample.
  • All accounts are COD nett.

I’m a reseller. Do I get discounted price?

We are a trade-only suppler. We do not sell our products directly to end users. The price we quote you is the reseller price.

Why do I need a sample?

The colours and designs you see on your computer screen or printed on paper are different to the actual look and feel of a woven tie. The digital versions are two dimensional and are affected by the settings of your monitor or printer. Have you ever noticed how different a photo looks on your computer from your colleague’s? We don’t want you to be disappointed when you get your order from us. The sampling process allows us to ensure that we are both aware of exactly what product we are producing.

I need ties or scarves for my company. Who do I contact?

As we are a trade-only suppler, we do not supply the end-user of our products. However, if you contact us, we will put you in touch with the appropriate of our products.

Do you manufacture bow ties?

Yes, we can custom design bow ties to your specific requirements.

What’s the difference between woven and printed ties?

  • Printed ties, also called sublimated ties, use a process of putting the design onto woven fabric. They tend to be flat and have no texture.
  • Woven ties, using a technology called Jacquard weaving, use the actual yarns to create the fabric. This produces a fabric that has texture and colour.
  • Woven ties are much harder wearing and therefore longer lasting, as the design sits within the fabric rather than just being on top of the cloth.

Do you make embroidered ties?

  • No, all our ties have the design woven into the actual fabric. Embroidery is a process whereby designs are stitched on top of a piece of fabric. We produce your tie with the design woven in as part of the construction of the ties.
  • Embroidered designs lack sharpness, clarity and professionalism. Embroidery is not suitable for corporate ties.

What are your minimum quantities?

  • Woven polyester ties − 50 units
  • Woven silk ties − 100 units
  • Printed ties − 100 units
  • Printed polyester scarves − 50 units
  • Printed silk scarves − 100 units
  • Bow ties − 50 units

Can I buy fabric or ties from you?

  • We supply tie fabric only to accredited tie makers.
  • We supply made up ties to all resellers.

I require scarves to match the ties. Do you supply them also?

We supply printed scarves to match the ties we produce.

Why do you supply printed scarves, but your ties are woven?

It is not practical to produce a woven scarf. The fabric would be too thick and heavy to be made up as a scarf.
The printed scarf will have a similar and matching look to the ties, but will have design differences due to the change in fabric.

Scarfs Sizes

The most popular sizes for scarves are:

  • 55cm x 55cm
  • 70cm x 70cm
  • 30cm x 132cm

We will arrange a special quote on all other sizes.

Do you match Pantone colours on your woven ties?

No. We weave our fabric from pre-dyed yarns.
We have over 180 different yarn colours in stock and will usually be able to get a reasonably close colour match to your requested shade.

How small can you make my logo?

As a rule of thumb, we can weave legible lettering about 2mm high. The shape and number of colours in your logo will also have an effect on the final detail we are able to reproduce. Contact us for some info.

Do you have a standard range of ties in stock?

No. Every order is custom designed according to the client’s requirements. Give us a brief, and we will design a piece of fabric that is unique and perfectly suited to your needs.

What format do you require my logo or artwork in?

We work within any windows format.
We will send our artwork to you in PDF or JPEG formats.